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It is the story of an eight year old boy to whom her  great-grandmother offered him a Siamese cat. It was a long time ago. Since then, our love for this breed of cat has remained intact. 

Since then , our love for this breed of cat has remained intact  .
In 1996, I had the joy of adopting a Thai Siamese kitten named Mickey.

Our affection for one another was great. We even had our own conversations together until the day his health deteriorated suddenly and we lost him in January 2001.
In October 1998, our Opium darling arrived and she was an array of sunshine. 

Since then, our love for the Thai breed has grown deeper. 

At the age of two, Opium gave birth to her first litter which was the start of our small and familial cat breeding. Now, we breed the Siamese Thai, the Siamese (new type), and the Oriental kind (please, visit the link: "Les Merveilles de l'Orient Cattery").

We have Siamese and Orientals cats, of " actuel type ". However, we stopped the breeding of this type, because we are absolutely not agree with the morphology met in cat-shows! So we devote ourselves only to breed, family, of Siamese under its old morphology. Aspect of Siamese such as had knowned our grandparents.

Here the link which leads you to our Siamese and Orientals :


Our cats live with us and are an integral part of our life.
Our dogs YARIS ( Airedale Terrier
) and  CANDY ( a Yorkshire Terrier ) ,get along very well with our cats. 

We live in Grace-Hollogne, near Liège, in Belgium.

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