A good departure in the life - Terms of sale - Prices for kittens

1- A good departure in the life

All the breeding cats in our cattery are tested negative for  the following viruses : Felv ( leucosis ), FIV (aids) and for FIP (<1/50 and PCR corona virusis negativ).

The kittens are first vaccinated (at 6 weeks old : feline upper respiratory disease (calici and herpes virus (rhinotracheitis), panleukopenia), primo vaccinated ( at 9 weeks old) + recall of vaccinations (at 12 weeks old) (feline upper respiratory disease (calici and herpes virus (rhinotracheitis), panleukopenia and leucosis. They have periodically the deworming . They are identified by microchip, and in possession of their European passport. They are availlable on the 13rd weeks of age. The kittens leaving the Belgian territory, or on request, are vaccinated anti-rabies ( and 21 days additional time).

Each kitten has a recognize pedigree (5 generations).

The parents have made excellent carrer in catshows in 4 different countries. They correspond to the standards of race and are the worthy representatives.

Each new parent of my kitties will receive a CD with pictures, evolution of their kitten's litter, since the birth to their departure from our home.

A sale contract is filled in double exemplar. On it, there the data of the kitten, data of our veterinay surgeon, and the guaranties' periods for the kitten.

You'll receive, 3 or 4 weeks later, the right paper of identification with your own data. It will be to join to the european passport of the kitten.

The D-day, my kittens bring away some humid food and dry food (for several days), their favorite toys, some well known sweety food, some educational manuals (several subjects).

Advices will give to you about the learning of your new companion. I will always be present for any informations.


What must you have to do later ?

The kitten is given in good health after to be checked by my vet .

Annual vaccination :

A revaccination must be done at the mentioned date in the health book , this shot must be made at each cat's birthday, an American lab has found that the immunity is better when the inoculation  is made at the birthday , and not 1 year after the first vaccine.

Deworming :

The kitten is dewormed , adapted to its weight at  4 weeks, at 8 weeks and 12 weeks old. It will be advisable to administer to him a dose of worming adapted to its weight every month until the age of 6 months.

Then 2 - 3 times yearly  with the worming in pill sold in pharmacy, by being careful that one of the taking  precedes the revaccination of some days. 


2- My terms of sale and transfer of a kitten.




Because I feel that when we buy a kitten, it is to cherish him, love him and stroke him.


Because a cat is neither a toy nor a soft toy nor an object of decoration.

A kitten or a cat requires care, as well as all our attention.
If you take a Thai Siamese at home, it is to have a living being who will like you all his life of an unconditional love.


I do not accept
That a cat lives alone and or all day long outside.

I do not accept
That a cat is subject of extensive breeding.

I do not accept
That a cat is put in cage.

I do not accept
That a cat is considered as " fashionable thing", simply because " that is cool ".

I do not accept
That a cat is bad, sad, mistreated and that it does not enjoy a pleasant and peaceful life.


To reserve a Thai Siamese from our cattery, it is necessary to get in touch with me.

Exclusively by e-mail (obligatory) AND by phone. Contacts and / or wishes to book via social networks will not be taken into account.

I want to have knowledge before the booking or not of a kitten. No transfer of a kitten if I have not directly contact with the person who whiches my kitten and where my kitten will live. The kitten will not have to be " given " as gift or " surprise" to family or knowledge. .

You will understand easily that I want to find the best possible owners for my kittens.

I also wish to keep in touch because it is very pleasant to me to know the evolution of kittens at their new owners.

If you agree with my conditions, you are then welcome at home.


chat11 3- How much is for one of my kitten ? Prices ....

Agreement n°DF02600020

price for a kitten for company kitten : (with a “NOT FOR BREEDING” pedigree)

1200,-€* + to add the cost of sterilization (see below)

Obligatory sterilization for each kitten given for companionship, following the decree of the Walloon government of November 24, 2022
price to be added to the price of the cat : the cost of sterilization varies depending on a male or a female

price for a kitten for breeding :

(not sterilized)



*Notes :  
  1- The transfer of a kitten is subjected to conditions.
  2- I do not make money with my cats!

3- Kittens are perfectly socialized. They are bred with care and love.

  4- If you hesitate between a male and a female, I guarantee an identical character for both. The only difference is that a male will have an average of 4.5 kg and a female will have on average 3.5 kg

You can contact me for more information. If you are interested by one of our kittens, and also for reservation, could you send me an e-mail, I will contact you with pleasure. I thank you.

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